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        The JAY BEE MODELS 2MB, 2MBW, 3MB, AND THE 3MBW are fully self-contained disintegrators that will reduce paper to a pulp consistency with a complete loss of identity when ground through a 3/16 inch sizing screen.  THE 3MBW HAS BEEN SPECIFICALLY ENGINEERED TO DESTROY COMSEC CANISTERS CONTAINING CLASSIFIED TAPE TO MEET NSA SECURITY REQUIREMENTS WHEN GROUND THROUGH A 3/16 INCH SECURITY SCREEN (DO NOT REMOVE THE TAPE).  CDs, DVDs, and floppy discs that contain classified material, are easily disintegrated by these machines to a complete loss of identity when ground through a 1/8 inch sizing screen.  The screens for these procedures can be changed with little effort.
        Each machine comes completely enclosed in an oaken ash-veneered insulated cabinet suitable for use in an office environment.  It is powered by an appropriate (see specs below)
horsepower, 220/230 volt, 3600 RPM, three phase, open drip proof motor that can be plugged into a
NEMA #L15-20 electrical receptacle.
        These units are capable of destroying from 50 up to 245 plus pounds of 20 lb. bond paper material per hour when ground through a 3/16 inch security sizing screen, depending on the size of the disintegrator (see specs below).
 For best productive results, DO NOT feed more than 10 sheets of paper at a time.  Let me machine continue to run for about 3-5 minutes at the end of your grinding procedure.
        To grind CDs, DVDs, floppy discs, and other like materials THAT CONTAIN CLASSIFIED MATERIAL, you will need to change the screen to a 1/8 inch perforation size.  DO NOT feed more than 5 stacked CDs at a time.  The disc material shatters very quickly, so the machine can be fed rather rapidly if the discs are funneled into the feed entrance in the way you would deal cards in a poker game.  Use the same end-grind procedure as used after the paper grind.
        The disintegrated material flows into a reusable heat resistant collector bag which is located inside the cabinet beneath the grinding chamber.  The disintegrator features a built-in dust collector with a washable and reusable cloth filter bag.  Two collector bags and two filter bags are furnished.  Operation of the machine requires little or no training of your personnel.  An operational manual will come with the shipment.  It has an on-off power button and a safety shut-off switch that will not allow the motor to start when the top cover of the machine is opened for maintenance.  The feed entrance, when not in use, is covered with a hinged door.


Model # Feed Opening Motor Size Middle Assy. Size Cabinet Size Capacity Unit Price
2MB 7.5" X 1" 5 HP 7" - 46 Hammers 53" X 17" X 38" up to 50 lbs. / hour Request
2MBW 10" X 1" 5 HP 8.75" - 62 Hammers 53" X 17" X 38" 75-100 lbs. / hour Request
3MB 10" X 1" 7.5 HP 8.75" - 62 Hammers 53" X 17" X 38" 100-125 lbs. / hour Request
3MBW 15" X 2.5" 10 HP 14" - 98 Hammers 57" X 21" X 50" 200-245 lbs. / hour Request

- A detailed quote with prices and suggested spare parts will be sent on request.  The shipping weight of the 3MBW is 500 lbs. as compared to 400 lbs. for the others.