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Welcome to Jay Bee Hammermills Website!

 The primary products of JAY BEE are hammermills and related materials handling equipment; fans, mixers, blenders, conveyors, etc. These products are utilized in a broad range of activities including Agricultural, Forestry, Chemical, Mining, Construction and Security.

        In the Security area, JAY BEE builds PAPER DISINTEGRATORS ranging from office models to large stationary or mobile models which meet NSA specifications for classified document destruction including CDs, floppy discs, computer hard-drives, and COMSEC canisters with the tape intact.

        As it manufactures the great majority of the components incorporated in its equipment, JAY BEE either maintains in stock or has the capability to produce replacement parts for nearly any of the equipment built during its operating history. This is most important since the basic design of JAY BEE equipment is one that allows perpetual maintenance. There is documented proof of JAY BEE mills that have been in continuous operation for over 60 years.


 Video of the Stationary 4IW-20-125 hammermill in action!

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